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The Prorail edging system story.

After being involved in landscaping, earthmoving and horticulture for many years we found that one of the hardest decisions in regards to to landscape design, was what type of edging to use. 

It seemed that we were always limited to the same commonly used products. On one particular job we chose to use something different, Railway iron.

Of course it was massively heavy, extremely hard to use and very expensive, but it worked exceptionally well. Knowing we couldn’t continue using railway iron for those obvious reasons we began working on an alternative.

We based the general shape on railway iron but we needed to find a material that had the opposite properties of steel. It needed to be light, flexible and a lot cheaper. We found that W P C “wood plastic composite” a fully recycled material was ideal.

Now we have an edging system that is an effective root barrier that wouldn’t rot, warp, get eaten, crack or splinter, but is strong enough to drive over and fast to install. 

After developing the product it became clear to us that garden edging was only one of the applications prorail was ideal for.

Contact Details

Prorail is a MDM Outdoor Product.

To get in contact with us regarding Proirail Gardening Edging Systems, please use the following information:

Email: sales@prorailedge.com.au
Office: 08 8555 3938
Mobile: 0419 842 017
Fax: 08 8555 0710

MDM Outdoor Products contact: sales@prorailedge.com.au

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